1. New London gal video up on my channel!! So go check it out and make sure to push LIKE while you’re there. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet!!! :D

  4. A new London gal vlog video is up and live!!! ;)

  5. Just her and her style!

  8. OMG this parody is just the best. hihihihi brilliant boys brilliant! xD

  9. And here’s the 2nd part of my trip to Marseille! I know it’s been long coming but in my defense I’ve been a bit busy lately and also haven’t had much Internet here in OZ. ;) 

  10. I’ve had the laziest Sunday. Just because it’s been raining mostly today and also I’m staying at a area where’s absolutely nothing to do!!!

    But despite that I feel really tired and sleepy from doing nothing. Is that even normal? o.o