1. OMG is it real!! Is ”My 1st Comic Con” video finally out?! Yes it is and YOU should go and watch it now!! :D

  2. Here’s Monday’s video!!! Part 2 of day 2… :D

  3. Video Thursday!! Watch me go craycray for cameras!! ;D

  4. Monday’s video and I’ve finally arrived to Melbourne!!! :D

  5. Okay people it’s finally here!!! OZ gal series has started on my channel!!! :D

  6. Really feel like coffee right now!!! Especially ice coffee! :D

  7. New London gal video up on my channel!! So go check it out and make sure to push LIKE while you’re there. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet!!! :D

  10. A new London gal vlog video is up and live!!! ;)